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The Cactus Childfree Therapy Group

Welcome to the information page for the Cactus Childfree Therapy Group, as seen in:

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What is the Cactus Childfree Therapy Group?

Hi, I'm Hayley, your group leader

This is a therapy group specifically designed to offer a therapeutic space in which to explore your feelings around childlessness and childfreedom. Most of the people who enquire about this group are ambivalent in one way or another, and many have been through unsuccessful cycles of IVF. You are welcome regardless of what stage of your journey you're in.

My name is Hayley, and I lead both versions of the group. I do not seek to convince anybody not to have children: if your final decision is to continue with fertility treatment, adopt, or otherwise become a parent, then I am as supportive of you as I am of people who decide on a childfree life. My guiding principle with running this group is: every child should be wanted, so if you don't want children then you should be free not to have them. Read more about my own history and feelings around children and childfreedom here.

Please note, this is not designed as a peer support group, although I am childfree myself. It is a space designed to encourage therapeutic change: that is, to help you reach a point of either accepting being a non-parent, or of feeling more certain that you wish to continue pursuing efforts to become a parent.

Where is The Group Held?

I currently offer two groups: one in person, and one online via Zoom.

Online Group
The group is run once per week on Thursday evenings at 7pm to 9pm.
Its maximum size will be 6 people.

In Person Group

The reception area at Barton Hill Settlement. I'll meet you here the first time and lead you to one of the meeting rooms.

I'm based in Bristol, and run the group from Barton Hill Settlement on Ducie Road (not Beam Street. Directions here).
The group is run once per week on Wednesday afternoons at 3pm to 5pm*.
Its maximum size will be 6 people.

*Subject to change if people prefer later in the day. Please advise if an evening session would suit you better.

How Much Does The Group Cost?

Each group costs £25 per session and lasts 2 hours.

How Can I Join?

Interested in enquiring to join? Email or call me on the details below, or complete my Enquiries page.