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Adult Survivors of Childhood Bullying

As children, many of us endured bullying in school. The experience is far more profound than implied by the young ages of our bullies and ourselves at the time: it happens at a pivotal time in our lives, so tends to leave a firm mark that remains long after we leave school.

Therapy can't reset you to the person you were before the bullying, but it can help you process the feelings you had at the time and may have had since, to fine-tune the strategies you used to survive, and turn them into tools you can use today in a healthy way. Ultimately, therapy can help you to embrace the person you've become since school.

I experienced persistent bullying in school, so I recognise the sense of powerlessness, injustice, and despair that it can lead to. In therapy, I offer whatever will help you the most in order to recover: whether that's purely an open, curious, and gentle person to discuss your experiences with (I would say I offer a safe and non-judgemental space, but I'm hesitant to use either term. Click the links to see why), or psychological models to shed clarity on the dynamics that happened, which can help you prevent them from being repeated in the future with other people.

If you'd like a 15 minute, no obligation talk by telephone or Zoom, you are welcome to request one on my Contact page or reach out to me on the details below.