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Cactus Counselling logo: prickly pear

Cactus Counselling

Why "Cactus Counselling"?

When I reached a point of being ready to build a web site and let the world know I'm here, I did some market research to see what sorts of colours and imagery were popular.

Cactus photograph

During my research I noticed a trend among the people already established in the world of counselling and psychotherapy: almost everybody used gentle colours and imagery on their web sites, business cards, and leaflets. Almost all of them used soft shades of grey or blue for their text, invariably against a white background.

Then there were the pictures. The same few objects kept showing up: seedlings, water, reiki stones... Now, I want to be fair: all of these objects have gentle and healing connotations, so why wouldn't they show up on counsellor literature? However, it all felt quite repetitive, and most of all, it felt like everyone was taking great pains to be gentle, I decided to try something a little bit different: cacti!

So why cacti? They're hardly connected with concepts of nurturing or gentleness. It's because of this: the cactus has adapted to thrive in harsh environments. What does counselling help you do, again?

Using cacti also made it far more fitting for me to use the tag-line "for when you're feeling prickly". This is a reference to anger in counselling. Clients tend to do their best work when they feel frustrated with the status quo and are ready to put their energy into making a change, so I want to invite those who feel annoyed about things staying the same - and getting the same results as they always did - to come and work with me.

Photo by Jorge Urosa from Pexels.