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Estrangement From Family

Estrangement from family is rarely done lightly, and can be one of the most difficult things we might ever do. Even if, on paper, it should be straightforward - perhaps there are no family members we'd like to stay in touch with - the idea of cutting ourselves off from all forms of family support can be incredibly daunting. One of my areas of interest is supporting people who are either estranged from family or who are considering or preparing to go low or no contact.

My own estrangement story goes like this: I cut contact with my family during my early 30s in 2013 and, while I can genuinely say I never regretted it, I've had my share of feelings about the consequences, which may resonate with you:

- the lack of a social or financial safety net, even if using them tended to come with a cost (it turns out, safety nets in dysfunctional families often come with strings)
- the sense of isolation during family-orientated holidays such as Christmas
- "hoovering attempts" of family members occasionally trying to draw me back in.

Therapy can be a helpful way of ensuring you don't go through this ordeal alone. If you'd like a 15 minute, no obligation talk by telephone or Zoom, you are welcome to request one on my Contact page or reach out to me on the details below.