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Easton / BS5

I offer counselling at the Wellspring Settlement, sometimes called the Barton Hill Settlement.

Barton Hill Settlement / Wellspring Settlement reception area

Barton Hill Settlement is an organisation in Easton (the BS5 area of Bristol) that brings the community together by offering a range of activities for people of all ages. Their building is open, airy, and spacious. You can click each picture on this page to get a full-size image if you like, and the top picture is of the reception area itself.

The building contains several rooms, most of which are large enough to hold conferences with several people. They also have two rooms that are suitable for counselling, and I use either depending on availability.

Barton Hill Settlement / Wellspring Settlement reception room

The first of these two rooms is called the reception room. This is a two-person room and is designed specifically with counselling in mind. It is also better designed to manage Covid, as the windows can be opened to allow air to flow around the room. I'll book this room for the duration of the pandemic if at all possible; if you are concerned about Covid but want to meet in person, please let me know. If the reception room isn't available at your preferred appointment time then I will avoid substituting with the second room (see below) and instead offer you a range of times when the reception room is available.

Barton Hill Settlement / Wellspring Settlement reception box office

The second room is called the box office. This room is designed for small meetings but is still serviceable as a counselling room. If I cannot get the reception room for us then this is the room I will book for us - unless you have specified that you would prefer a Covid-safe room.



  • Barton Hill Settlement has very good wheelchair access.
  • Parking is free for up to 2 hours on Ducie Road
  • The number 6, 36, 43, and 44 buses pass along the A420
  • Lawrence Hill train station is only 5 minutes' walk away